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Energy Healing 

Our session will consist of relaxing in some super, comfy bean bag chairs! I want you to be able to unwind and release any emotions. My role is to listen and understand all that's weighing on you. We'll communicate with ways to help with healing and if any "intuitive" Divine guidance comes through, I'll be sure and relay any messages received. Afterwards, you'll lie on a bed with a blanket. Comfortable clothing is recommended. It's your job to take the time to relax, do some deep breathing and just soak up the sacred space! During our session, I will be communicating with you while working over different parts of the body with your permission. Focusing on your energy centers and helping with balancing them.

2 hour session : $100

Distance Energy Healing

Distance Healing expands the practioner's ability to transmit energy beyond the physical touch. It operates on the principle that energy knows no boundaries or distance or time. A 60 minute distance healing session is to help aid in healing, relaxation and clearing of your energy centers. After our session is over with, we will follow up with a phone call to visit and discuss anything you may have experienced.

1 hour session: $65

Divine Guidance 

Do you have questions about your life journey? Are you facing challenges in your relationships, career, personal development, or any other aspects of your life? If you answered yes, then this session is for you! Receive loving guidance from the Divine on health, relationships, career and life purpose.

1.5 hour session: $75


Returning clients needing a "tune-up" healing session or needing Life/Divine Guidance communication, can book this session. It will be their choice on which service best suits their needs for our time together.

1 hour session: $65

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